SolarRev Raptor SG100 Generator: As technology continues to advance, access to green and renewable energy such as solar energy is quickly gaining popularity. ( )


This because green energy is more reliable and cleaner than most of the other power sources available. This makes it environment-friendly and capable of saving you money. Typically, a solar generator converts sun energy captured by solar panels into electrical power and then stores it in a battery. The stored power can later be used through an inverter.


Deciding to purchase a portable solar generator is a noble undertaking. However, choosing the best solar generator for rv is never a walk in the park. This is because you will find different varieties of portable solar generators in the market. To be able to pick the best, you will need to determine what your energy requirements are.


Since you have a price range in mind, consider choosing a solar generator with features that make it more efficient rather than more expensive.



The inventor of Calriger SolarRev Generators, CEO GCaps, works hard to accomplish and innovate a working invention that is essential in uplifting the lives of the Filipino people.


As a Filipino I always gives emphasis that I work hard and dedicate all my efforts in making the Philippines better and I can say that my company’s inventions and innovations are Proudly Filipino Made because we Filipinos are talented, skillfully great and we really work hard – GCaps

Introducing The SolarRev:

SolarRev Gen S1 Intelligent Design

The SOLARREV Generator is your defense against blackouts and it can help you save in your everyday electric consumptions.

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Upcoming project: The SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station

ChargingCore Power Station EVehicle Charging

Made in PH SolarRev

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The SolarRev is Made in the Philippines! We are creating SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station and Workshop Office in Tanay, join us and be part of the SolarRev instructors who will share this technology to the Filipino people and in Tanay Rizal.


SolarRev ChargingCore charges with solar panels to store sun energy generated during day time and makes this clean power available for your needs, minimizing your usage of electricity from utility grid.

Powered by SolarRev 24 7 1

SolarRev ChargingCore gives you Energy Security against Blackout and Power interruption during calamities and disaster situations.


SolarRev Generators are made in Pateros Philippines


The boost on Solar Power Generators in the Military Industry and Missions around the world. 

Calriger with AFP.jpg

Armed Forces of the Philippines through Civil Relations Service AFP-

The Philippine Military is now providing Solar Technologies as part of Nation Building Advocacies – Outreach Program to the residents of Manila Boys Town

Calriger Solar in Manila Boys Town with 7th CRGAFP (17)





7CRG, CRSAFP led by Lt Col Marlowe E. Patria (Inf) PA, in partnership with the members of Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) Regular Class 51 led by Mr. Fabian Go and Dr. Apple de Luna, conducts an Outreach Program to the residents of Manila Boys Town Complex in Marikina City.


Philippine Navy – Portable Solar Generator for Navy Vehicles Project


PH Navy Solar Project: A made in the Philippines SolarRev Generator ChargingCore Power Station will soon be powering the Philippine Naval Forces around the country together with Calriger Technologies SolarRev Generators

“CMOG-PN Opens Avenue for Low Cost Energy Resource”


Portable SOLARREV ChargingCore Power Station for Military Vehicles, a proven useful technology in offgrid missions. Possible to be loaded in Military Vehicles

18 June 2018- Mr. Giancarlo Capco of Calriger Tech introduced and discussed the benefits of Solarrev Portable Generator to COL NESTOR R MARCELINO PN(M) (MNSA), Commander of CMOG-PN, together with LCDR RUEL GC NICOLAS PN and LT RANDY P GARBO PN at Headquarters Civil Military Operations Group-Philippine Navy, Marine Barracks Rudiardo Brown, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Said Portable Generator will be introduced to the CMOG-PN’s frontline Units, the seven CMOUs, as part of their Livelihood Program for their respective Area of Responsibility particularly the communities which do not have electricity.

Philippine Army Soldier’s Personal Imitative to Empower his Division
SolarRev Army Pic
Support out Troops by suppoting technologies that can help them survive their missions and protect the life that they use to protect Filipino lives. Credit to Sgt Obin for sharing his photo and showing the made in the Philippines SolarRev Generatordeveloped in Kawal Pinoy 7th CRG Training Center at CRS AFP Camp Aguinaldo



In Global Armed Forces Solar Initiatives – Complete Article

USA Global Solar.jpg

In the legendary competition between various branches of the Armed Services, the one being played out right now is probably a first. The Marines and the Army have each embarked on ambitious portable solar power programs that demonstrate just how far solar energy has come since the flower power era. As for getting any of this new technology into civilian hands, it stands to reason that if solar power can hold its own in a combat zone, where life literally depends on it, then it can turn the trick just about anywhere.

USA Marines and Portable Solar Power

USA Marines Solar Gen

A couple of years ago we noticed that the Marines were experimenting with portable solar panels that were designed to fold out of oversized metal suitcases for easy set-up in the field. That initiative was called the Ground Renewable Expeditionary ENergy System(GREENS).

Now it looks like the Marines, through the Office of Naval Research (ONR), have stepped things up a notch. The Marine Corps’ Renewable Sustainable Expeditionary Power program has just announced an initiative to develop a portable alternative energy system that can ensure a 15-day supply of electricity in the field without the need for any fuel convoys or air drops.

The ultimate goal, according to ONR, is to ensure that the Marine Corps can use renewable resources for all of its electrical needs in the field (fuel for vehicles is another matter) by 2025.

To that end, ONR has enlisted Raytheon, Battelle (the research organization that manages several Department of Energy laboratories) and the solar company Emcore to develop easily transportable hybrid electricity systems that can switch seamlessly between solar power and other fuels.

USA Army and Portable Solar Power

USA Army Solar Gen.jpg

Meanwhile, the Army has been tracking solar along similar lines. A couple of years ago we noticed that the Army was distributing portable solar power-in-a-backpack kits to Soldiers in Afghanistan.

Ramping it up to the next level, this past summer the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team was trained to use a flexible fuel, smart microgrid field energy system under the Energy to the Edge program. Supplied by the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force, the system is designed to reduce dependence on energy and water transportation for remote bases.

Energy to the Edge also improves overall operational efficiency by cutting down down on noise and maintenance issues, compared to petroleum-fueled generators.

Another new Army portable solar initiative that could have a far-ranging impact on civilian energy is the Smart and Green Energy at Base Camps program (SAGE), which launched last summer.

SAGE consists of a 150-person, 10-acre model base camp that can be packed up and shipped in a single cargo aircraft, and set up in four hours.

For that, you get high-efficiency shelters, solar hot water heating, a graywater reycling system, a smart microgrid and other conservation measures. Of particular interest is the fact that all of the equipment is current, off-the-shelf technology.

Energy to the Public

SolarRev ChargingCore for Mobile Medical Center.png

Among the many overlapping angles in the Marine Corps and Army portable/transportable solar initiatives, the one factor that stands out is training and education.

GREENS, Renewable Sustainable Expeditionary Power, Energy to the Edge, and SAGE all rely on a heightened sense of energy awareness in order to get the most out of the new equipment.

One of the clearest expressions of that concept comes from Col. Peter A. Newell, director of the Rapid Equipping Force, who described the awareness of energy management on a Soldier-by-Soldier basis as a “cultural change” for the Army.

The overarching goal of all this is to cut down on the high cost of transporting fossil fuels into combat zones, not just in terms of money but also in human lives. In Newell’s world, each Soldier is highly attuned to the fact that all energy used in the field has a human face.

Military technology has a way of trickling into the civilian world, and if you translate that into civilian terms, you’ve got a culture in which households and communities have more control over the energy they use to get through the day, and more alternatives to using fossil fuels.

If a little friendly competition between the Army and Marine Corps can get us closer to that day, bring it on.

Image: Suitcase by Vintage19Something


Portable SolarRev ChargingCore Portbale Power Station Pic white PNG - Copy.png

SolarRev in your hands for Portable Medical Devices.png

SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station Pic white.png

ChargingCore Power Station EVehicle Charging.jpg

The commercial grade SolarRev CHARGINGCORE Power Station can be used in various income generating activities such as direct high power charging station for electric vehicles and battery recharging station for all kinds of technologies that uses battery. It has a hybrid design that can harvest solar energy through its solar panels and also get back up power in the grid through its grid power support device. Use solar energy throughout the day and let the ChargingCore Battery gives you power at night you will never worry about power outage and blackouts, you can have power for your lights and basic appliances 24/7 with the CHARGINGCORE Power Station.


Portable SolarRev ChargingCore Portbale Power Station Pic white PNG - Copy

FOR HOMESPowered by SolarRev 24 7 1


SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station Pic white

THE Reason for the Birth of the SolarRev GeneratorSolarRev Gen Made in the Philippines

Intelligent Technology by a Filipino SolarRev Gen S1 Intelligent Design

SolarRev Generator Survivor 1 in Your Hands to Power Your Gadgets and Medical DevicesSolarRev in your hands for Portable Medical DevicesSolarRev in your hands



Portable SolarRev ChargingCore Portbale Power Station Pic white PNG.png

The SolarRev CHARGINGCORE Power Station Technology gives independent stand-alone power for your home

SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station Pic white.png

The SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station is a solar power energy storage innovative technology that ensures availability of power to home anytime it will be needed. It is the key solution to avoid power shortage, eliminate blackouts and defeat high grid power rates. The ChargingCore Power Station is available in a different storage power capacities and features that allows system upgrades and expansion. The SolarRev ChargingCore will help you lower your electric bills by integrating a plug and play solar panel system that can harvest free sun energy that you can use when you needed it and by using the stored power in the battery to give power to your home every day or even in times of energy blackouts during disasters and calamities.


You can use solar energy throughout the day and let the ChargingCore Battery gives you power at night you will never worry about power outage and blackouts, you can have lights 24/7 with the CHARGINGCORE Power Station.

Harvest Solar Energy and store it in the CHARGINGCORE Power Station and by avoid the use of your grid power you can save a lot by decreasing usage of high rate electric power from the grid. The SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station will minimize your reliance on the grid power.




Solarrev CHARGINGCORE Power Station Unit

Plug and Play Solar Panel Socket

Built-in Charger Controller

Built-in Inverter

Multiple AC Socket for AC Power Output

Built-in Battery

Multiple DC 12 Volts Port

Multiple DC LED Lights Ports

Heavy Duty Battery Positive and Negative Extension terminal

Built-in Voltmeter Battery power Meter Gauge

Multiple Circuit Protection AC and DC Fuse and Breakers

Multiple DC 5V USB port

Built-in Grid Power Support Device AC to DC

Built-in Cooling Fan System for Overheat prevention

Built-in LED Lights for Power Station Center Lights

Multiple Power Indicator Gauge Lights


Built-in Charger Controller 10 amp Upgradable

Rated Voltage: 12V Rated Current: 10A

Voltage of Solar Panels: ≤50V Float Charging Voltage: 13.7V / 27.4V

Low Voltage Protection: 10.7V /21.4V Low Voltage Recovery: 12.6V / 25.2V

No Load Loss: ≤5mA Loop Voltage Drop: ≤100mV

Temperature Compensation: -4mV/Cell/°C Working Temperature: -20~60°C

Storage Temperature: 30~70°C Humidity: ≤90%, no condensation

Item Size:

30A: 185 * 90 * 45mm / 7.28 * 3.54 * 1.77in

50A: 185 * 125 * 60mm / 7.28 * 4.92 * 2.36in

Item Weight: 30A: 350g / 12.35oz; 50A: 592g / 20.89oz


Built-in ChargingCore Storage Battery Upgradable

Battery Capacity – 100Amp to 1000 Watts Max at 600 Cycles

Continuous output: (DC) 800 W – 1,000 W

Usable capacity: (AC)700 Watts AC Power DC 800 Watts DC power

Case Dimensions Length 1.5 meters I Width .5 Meter I Height .5 Meter

Backup power capability 1000 Watts DC at Max Power

Built-in Inverter Specifications Upgradable

Inverter AC power 500 I 1000 I 2000 Watts Depending on setup content

Maximum efficiency of inverter: 93 %

Ambient temperatures: 41 – 113° F

Enclosure Rating: IP50

AC Specifications 240 VAC / split phase / 60 Hz


Listed and recognized components and attachments of the CHARGINGCORE power Station


Solar Panel 100 watts x content, Charger Controller 10 Amp x content, DC to AC (inverter 500 or 1000 or 2000 Watts) dual socket, Solar Master 100Amp (batteries), DC 12V CIG Port, DC 5V USB Port , Voltmeter, 10 Pcs 5 Watts LED Lights or 50 Watts Total LED Lights, DC 12 Volts Cooling fan, Grid Power Support AC Wall Charger, DC Mini Dual Head Fan


External Component of the CHARGINGCORE Power Station
Solar Panel 100 WATTS Upgradable

Renewable Core 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel is a flagship product! High sun harvesting power, this is the best for on-grid and off-grid applications.

Specification Highlights


Max Power: 100W per panel – Harvesting Efficiency at full sun 60 to 90 percent, at fair weather 40 to 60 percent, at cloudy weather 10 to 40 percent, at rainy weather 10 percent
IP65 Rated waterproof junction box

Weight: 16.5lbs

Dimensions: 47.3 X 21.3 X 1.4 In


DC LED Lights Upgradable

Plug and Play 50 watts standard

30,000 hours life span

Indoor for bulb type

Indoor/Outdoor for flood light type
DC mini Dual Head Fan Upgradable

Plug and Play 6 watts standard male Auto CIG plug

Dual Head movable rotatable features

Speed control 1 and 2


ChargingCore Power Station parts Lifespan and Warranty*


  • Solar Panel- 5 Years Warranty for factory Defects, Cycle Use 20 years before wear and tear, 25 years for end of power harvesting ( depending on location climate)


  • Charger Controller – 6 Month Warranty for Factory Defects. Charger Controller Cycle Use 700 Cycle Use before wear and tear for maintenance or replacement
  • Battery Solar Master 100Amp– Warranty of Battery Supplier 1 year for Factory Defects Only, Guaranteed standard lifetime of Battery 2 year before wear and tear max of 3 Year depending on usage
  • Inverter 1000 Watts – 6 Month Warranty for Factory Defects. Inverter Cycle Use 600 Cycle Use before wear and tear for maintenance or replacement


  • Other Accessories and attachable components– 3 months warranty for factory defects



*Please observe our applicable warranty conditions – all items out of warranty are subject to repair for a fee when requested. All items under warranty are subject to replacement of new unit as long as applicable warranty conditions are followed such as factory defects only problems, all receipts and warranty card be presented upon claim of warranty and other stated in conditions provided by the company.


New Products by Calriger in Renewable Energy Industry

SolarRev Gen S1 Intelligent DesignSolarRev in your hands

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Calriger and Armscor’s Disaster Preparedness Make Your Own Solar Rev Generator Workshop, Register at

Armscor Tactical Division in partnership with Calriger Tactical and Defense Advocates opens its doors to interested people who wants to learn how to make their own Tactical Solar Generator that can be used in emergency and disaster situations. Join their workshop by registering at

The Solar Rev Generator is a technology that is proudly Filipino made. This solar powered generator can charge up communication device, provide power to bulbs and some appliances. In case of emergency, natural and man-made catastrophe, you can surely rely on it. Some of the amazing features of Solar Rev Generator is that its water resistant, portable and its parts are readily available at our local electrical and hardware stores.

We are inviting everyone to join us on in our workshops. We will teach you how to assemble your very own Solar Rev Generator. At the end of the training, you can take home your own unit paired with a portable solar panel and a certificate. No technical and electrical background? No problem! Send us a message for more info.

Calriger SolarRev Series

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Fully loaded SolarRev Generators by Calriger. Various Models more advanced functions here at Calriger Solar Powered Facility

SolarRev Generator Setup Seminar

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Join Terranutra in t

Education vs. Poverty – We cannot help people if they dont want to help themselves. Also we cannot generalize and say that the world is suffering from poverty because the world is not suffering poverty, the people are and each person experience different level of poverty and its up to them to stop it, your personal poverty can be eradicated by you alone. Poverty suffered by the garbage collector can only be eradicated by him alone. And to end poverty requires solution and solution can only be acquired from learning and learning can be acquired from education and education can only be acquired if you value it and workhard to learn it.

SolarRev and CAFGU Save the day!

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SolarRev Stories: Cafgu Vehicle Machanics Save the day: On a trip in our Solar Powered Organic Farming Facility we experienced a malfunction of our vehicle break system that made us extend our stay in the offgrid site of Laiban Tanay where there is no electricity source. With the problems in our path we dont worry at all because we are secured with the Calriger SolarRev GA10 solar power that can give us devices charging and other communication devices power needs. With timely communication thru our solar charged communication devices, we made fast communication with community mechanics from CAFGU detachment in the area, parts purchaser and riders that greatly repaired our break system and replaced necessary parts to make the vehicle run properly. The SolarRev GA10 also gave us lightings that we need during night time overtime repair of the Tanay vehicle mechanics. We always trust our SolarRev Generator to help us in our power needs especially the power we need to charge all our communication devices. Thank your for the CAFGU detachment for sending us your trained mechanics. Farming in Old Laiban Tanay Rizal

Visit website for details