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The inventor of Calriger SolarRev Generators, CEO GCaps, works hard to accomplish and innovate a working invention that is essential in uplifting the lives of the Filipino people.


As a Filipino I always gives emphasis that I work hard and dedicate all my efforts in making the Philippines better and I can say that my company’s inventions and innovations are Proudly Filipino Made because we Filipinos are talented, skillfully great and we really work hard – GCaps

Introducing The SolarRev:

SolarRev Gen S1 Intelligent Design

The SOLARREV Generator is your defense against blackouts and it can help you save in your everyday electric consumptions.

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Upcoming project: The SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station

ChargingCore Power Station EVehicle Charging

Made in PH SolarRev

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The SolarRev is Made in the Philippines! We are creating SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station and Workshop Office in Tanay, join us and be part of the SolarRev instructors who will share this technology to the Filipino people and in Tanay Rizal.


SolarRev ChargingCore charges with solar panels to store sun energy generated during day time and makes this clean power available for your needs, minimizing your usage of electricity from utility grid.

Powered by SolarRev 24 7 1

SolarRev ChargingCore gives you Energy Security against Blackout and Power interruption during calamities and disaster situations.


SolarRev Generators are made in Pateros Philippines