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SolarRev Generator Setup Seminar

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Education vs. Poverty – We cannot help people if they dont want to help themselves. Also we cannot generalize and say that the world is suffering from poverty because the world is not suffering poverty, the people are and each person experience different level of poverty and its up to them to stop it, your personal poverty can be eradicated by you alone. Poverty suffered by the garbage collector can only be eradicated by him alone. And to end poverty requires solution and solution can only be acquired from learning and learning can be acquired from education and education can only be acquired if you value it and workhard to learn it.


SolarRev and CAFGU Save the day!

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SolarRev Stories: Cafgu Vehicle Machanics Save the day: On a trip in our Solar Powered Organic Farming Facility we experienced a malfunction of our vehicle break system that made us extend our stay in the offgrid site of Laiban Tanay where there is no electricity source. With the problems in our path we dont worry at all because we are secured with the Calriger SolarRev GA10 solar power that can give us devices charging and other communication devices power needs. With timely communication thru our solar charged communication devices, we made fast communication with community mechanics from CAFGU detachment in the area, parts purchaser and riders that greatly repaired our break system and replaced necessary parts to make the vehicle run properly. The SolarRev GA10 also gave us lightings that we need during night time overtime repair of the Tanay vehicle mechanics. We always trust our SolarRev Generator to help us in our power needs especially the power we need to charge all our communication devices. Thank your for the CAFGU detachment for sending us your trained mechanics. Farming in Old Laiban Tanay Rizal

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CALRIGER SOLARREV GEN-A10 is a first of its kind Filipino Solar Rev Generator Powerbank that can power a laptop, charge mobile and navigational devices, can be used as tactical heavy duty flashlight, can recharger car battery, can power radio communication unit and can be used as off-grid lighting system. Like and share Calriger Tech at


The SolarRev Gen A10 has a 8000 mah sealed lead battery, upgradable, capable of parallel connection with other SRG units for stronger power capacity and the unit can be charged by Solar Panel max of 100watts PV, Wall DC Adaptor Charger or by Car Charging Plug.  SolarRev Gen-A10 is MADE in the Philippines by CALRIGER TECHNOLOGIES PATEROS, specifically designed and invented by Calriger CEO, GCaps Giancarlo Capco. Like and share Calriger at 

SOLARREV GEN A10 Unit is a Portable Tactical Solar Generator with builtin fuse system with DC ports, Flashlight, charger controller and usb charging station with voltmeter battery guage display. 

Accessories included in the SRG Kit are: ( Can be part of package or can be purchased separately)
Mini Inverter max 80watts

Dc Charger 15amp max with over-charger protection

1 DC Portable Fan

3 builtin LED lights

2 wired 5 meters DC LED lights

20 watts Solar Panel ( upgradable to max of 100 watts)

Car charger wire for car charging and parallel connection

Tactical SRG Sling Bag ( Military Grade )
Suggested Retail Price Php 10,000

All Calriger and GPS distributors and Global Advocacies card holder are entitled to discount according to Calriger GPS Online TV Policy

The Calriger SolarRev Gen-A10 is available in our online store

With all replacement and upgrade parts available in the Philippines and with service center and after market sales support in various places in the Philippines. 

For technical aspects and investments visit our website and contact us at

Testing the CALRIGER SolarRev Generator GA10 Tactical Version in Off-Grid location in Laiban Tanay Rizal. All technology features of SolarRev GA10 were tested and all passed and surpussed expectations. This Philippine Made Solar Technology from Pateros will help solve the lack of basic electrical energy sources in offgrid locations and sites in the Philippines. Visit CALRIGER FB Page for more details
REGULAR USAGE OF CALRIGER SOLARREV GA10 – SPECIAL Feature to power Laptops, Mobile Devices, Radio Communication Walkie Talkie and GPS Navigation Gears

The SOLARREV GA10 Can Power Laptop, Radio Communication Devices, Mobile Phones, GPS Navigation Device, Solar Fan, Give bright lights and can recharge your powerbanks, camera, video camera, iphone and android all at the same time. 

SRGA10 is Protected by hard plastic case it is also rain proof and has a sling tactical bag for comfort in your travel adventures. It can be charged thru Solar Panel, car cig socket, parallel with 12volts battery, can be charged in AC thru its wall charger adaptor or can be plugged with another SolarRev Gen unit. 

CALRIGER Technologies brings extra-ordinary technologies to the hands of the people. Join our free training lecture on how to make and maintain your own SolarRev Generator. – CALRIGER GCAPS Giancarlo Capco, CEO of CALRIGER MC Tech


​CALRIGER SOLARREV GA10 is the best Filipino Made Solar Technology it is a Portable Solar Rev Generator for Laptop and various device charging.

CALRIGER Solar with Renewable Core PH in Forest Fest PH Event introduced the SOLARREV GA10. CALRIGER brings extra-ordinary technologies to the hands of the people and the best of them are made in the Philippines thru CALRIGER efforts. SUPPORT the proudly Filipino made Solar Rev Generator the SOLARREV GA10 and SOLARREV Enforcer 1 both specially designed by CALRIGER CEO, Giancarlo Capco – Like and share Calriger FB Page for tech updates Calriger Technologies

SOLARREV GA10 (The Solar Powerbank for Laptops) and Enforcer 1 ( The all around Solar Rev Generator for House and Tactical applications) are using locally available parts installed in a tech system using industrial grade materials to make it durable with high efficiency in solar rev generator technology performance.

SOLARREV GA10 Features:

Technology Type: Solar Revolutionary Generator Calriger Series 1

Battery Capacity: 7200 mah (12 volts)

SRG Charging Options: Solar 12 volts, AC 220V wall adaptor, battery parallel

Power Output: 12V DC, USB, AC 220v thru builtin Inverter

Recommended Charging Usage: Mobile Phones, Table, Laptop, Camera, Lights, Portable Mini LED TV, GPS Devices

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Inverter: Unit is with builtin AC inverter 80-100 watts max, 1watt builtin LED walk light, builtin Charger Controller for Solar Panel max 100 watts,

Voltmeter: With 2 USB Ports, 1 femal DC 12 volts port and 2 RCA 12 volts port.

SOLARREV GA10 is a proudly Filipino Solar Technology made by CALRIGER to help the Filipino people in their renewable energy needs.


Upgraded SOLARREV Model GA 10S



CALRIGER DSTF 1 TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT is a CREE Flashlight for tactical Operations, Rescue Missions and Travel Adventures. It is a light weight LED Cree flashlight with aluminum body with 300 Meter Beam Distance at 1000 Lumens.

Available at GPS Tech Online Store 


CALRIGER TECHNOLOGIES – CCTV Centralized System for City Security, Philippines- Using multiple encrypted DVRs connected to the internet the CALRIGER Centralized CCTV System for City Security can works well to help law enforcement units to enforce the law with efficient security surveillance and monitoring system with wide range that can covers the whole city.

Calriger Technologies for the People CCTV

Provincial, city and municipality governments are now under threat with security challenges and they are all in need of technologies that can provide security to its citizens and commercial establishments and innovations that can ensure peace and order that can lead to the growth of the nation. Various threats are known to men which includes violence caused by drug addicts, assault by gangs, damage to properties through vandalism, theft, kidnap for ransom, and many more crimes committed by lawless elements which our fingers cannot count. We also have problems in road and traffic that undisciplined drivers perform in the street which caused death, injuries and accidents. All these problems must be prevented or stopped.

Societies, communities and governments are now adopting to advanced technologies that can help them enhance their law enforcement capabilities which greatly contributes in developing security platforms, programs that leads to improved public safety and quality of service that the government can provide to the people.

CALRIGER Defense and Security Technologies developed innovative products, systems, platforms and programs with maximum efficiency and reliability that integrates a solar powered CCTV units and creates a centralized monitoring structure that the law enforcers or system users can use to cover the required surveillance range. The CALRIGER Defense and Security Technologies also provides intelligent CCTV Programs which contains user friendly interface that can be accessed only with top security encryption access that can be linked with key security institutions such as police, military, fire and rescue departments and other administrative divisions through secured authorized mobile phones or Laptop Computers connected in the main Centralized CCTV Server. All of these key security and advanced features can help in eradicating crimes, preventing damages from disasters and enhance response rate of rescue and fire departments in emergency situations.

CALRIGER with the main mission to provide Technologies for the People ensures that making this world a better place through right technologies is possible.


CALRIGER SERVER Solar Emergency Response Vehicle

CALRIGER SOLAR CAR SERVE MISSION SERIES 1 – CALRIGER Solar Emergency Response Vehicle. A Car with CALRIGER Solar Rev Generator Setup that can make the vehicle the most efficient and effective emergency response vehicle for rescue in disaster situations and support vehicles in different off-grid missions.
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CALRIGER SERVE SOLAR ( Suggested Setup- Setup depends on the size of the vehicle) – 100 Watts Mono Solar Panel, Digital Regulator Controller 20AMP, 100 AMP 12VDC Battery and 1000 Watts Inverter System that Powers the Solar ready vehicle CCTV Recording System, GPS Tracker and Navigator, LED Waterproof Search Light and Mobile Wifi. CALRIGER SERVER SOLAR CAR


Caring for your business will lead to success- Just think of your business as your new born baby and you know what is best for its growth and one of its needs is your personal touch as its parent or creator, others are just their to assist but not to be the main decision maker about the baby`s needed care and nurturing. As it grows, treat it as your growing child and you know what is good for its childhood, as it grows bigger, you need to give it the best support it needs for it to flourish and when it already grew big and strong it will take care of you for it will return all time and efforts you spent for it and follow all goodness you gave to it as it grows stronger and better. It will share its success to you for it is thankful for your passionate act of taking care of it and making it a great business equipped with proper knowledge, right principles, guide of virtues and the HolySpirit. CALRIGER Business Strategy from the Book The Way of the Strategist by CALRIGER GCAPS and














For the order of Raven Eye RESNVC54 CALRIGER Night Vision the following are the guidelines:

1. Night Vision Registration of the owner is required by filling up the registration form provided by CALRIGER. If the unit is for personal use, a photocopy of your valid ID issued by the government is required, while if it is for company use, the copy of DTI or SEC registration is required.

2. Purchase Order of the unit is required by filling up the form in our online store

3. Upon purchase order, payment is required to process the order and start its shipping from HongKong to Manila CALRIGER GPS Store which usually takes 3 to 4 working days. Payment can be made thru bank deposit or cash payment. For full payment of the Php 20,000 Purchase Price, a discount of Php 1,000 will be applied to the purchase. For down payment option, a down payment of 50 percent of the total unit cost is required and the other 50 percent will be on the day of pick up of the unit in CALRIGER GPS Store. In all purchase in CALRIGER GPS Legal process including issuance of Official Receipt approved by BIR will be given to the client after full payment. Option of signing a purchase contract can be availed by the client thru the support of CALRIGER GPS in-house lawyers.

For the Night Vision and other Military Grade items: The only available way to get the unit is pick up in the GPS Store because the nature of the unit is high-risk for the shipper making them decline to deliver it.

For outside Metro Manila, a special shipping arrangement will be entered at the cost of the client because this type of shipping is expensive due to high insurance cost.

4. A copy of manual and warranty policy will be given to the client upon purchase of the unit together with all legal documents required by law.

5. For demo request: Date of demo inside CALRIGER GPS Store Pateros must be arranged with CALRIGER GPS to ensure that technical support will be available on the scheduled date.


For Regular Product Pick Up- OFFICE HOURS: 10am to 5PM Every Saturday in Pateros CALRIGER GPS Store

Business Transaction including Legal Support upon request is available ipon schedule from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm in the CALRIGER GPS Store Patreros.

Technical Support at

Purchase Orders at 

Hotline No: 09174236501




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CALRIGER NIGHT VISION RESNVC54 also known as Raven Eye Sniper Night Vision, part of the Ravenscan Night Vision Family, is a digital monocular night vision mountable to guns with railings specifically rifle guns. This night vision has a photo and video recording functions with USB and other plugs support. It has 5 x 40 digital zoom. The night and dark situation are advantages to the user of this RESNV-C54 for it can observe complete darkness up to 200m as supported by the low light Infrared IR lens features. Powered by lithium rechargeable battery, its operation can last for 1.5 hours and can be extended by plugging a CALRIGER USB Type Power bank while performing its functions. The RESNV-C54 unit is an IP54 compliant technology. Raven Eye Sniper Night Vision is an Innovative Technology by CALRIGER



Optional Upgrades:

Wireless Viewing of Photos and Vidoes by using Wifi Wireless Disk for Php 1,500

Tactical Night Vision Bag for Php 700

CALRIGER Night Vision Hard Case for Php 500

Lithium Battery 2000mah for Php 300 per piece

Battery Charger Single Slot for Php 200 per piece

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 Website –

RESNVC54-Sniper Night Vision Digital Scope


SRP Price: USD 445 (PHP 20,000)
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: Bank Deposit, Western Union,MoneyTransfer

Product Quick Details

RESNVC54 Package

Place of Origin: Pateros, Metro Manila , Philippines
Brand Name: Calriger Sniper Night Vision RESNVC54
Model Number: RESNVC54
Magnification: 5x
Dimension of objectives: 40mm
Observing distance(low light): 2m~
FOV: 5°x3.75°
Observing distance(dark): ~200m
Operating Voltage: 3.7V DC
Diopter Adjustment: -0.6 to +0.6
Measurement: 200x86x56mm
weight: 400g

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Standard package or Hard Case
Delivery Detail: Depend on your quantity