SOLARREV GA10 Portable Solar Generator by CALRIGER TECH

Posted: August 9, 2017 by giancarlocapco in Uncategorized

​CALRIGER SOLARREV GA10 is the best Filipino Made Solar Technology it is a Portable Solar Rev Generator for Laptop and various device charging.

CALRIGER Solar with Renewable Core PH in Forest Fest PH Event introduced the SOLARREV GA10. CALRIGER brings extra-ordinary technologies to the hands of the people and the best of them are made in the Philippines thru CALRIGER efforts. SUPPORT the proudly Filipino made Solar Rev Generator the SOLARREV GA10 and SOLARREV Enforcer 1 both specially designed by CALRIGER CEO, Giancarlo Capco – Like and share Calriger FB Page for tech updates Calriger Technologies

SOLARREV GA10 (The Solar Powerbank for Laptops) and Enforcer 1 ( The all around Solar Rev Generator for House and Tactical applications) are using locally available parts installed in a tech system using industrial grade materials to make it durable with high efficiency in solar rev generator technology performance.

SOLARREV GA10 Features:

Technology Type: Solar Revolutionary Generator Calriger Series 1

Battery Capacity: 7200 mah (12 volts)

SRG Charging Options: Solar 12 volts, AC 220V wall adaptor, battery parallel

Power Output: 12V DC, USB, AC 220v thru builtin Inverter

Recommended Charging Usage: Mobile Phones, Table, Laptop, Camera, Lights, Portable Mini LED TV, GPS Devices

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Inverter: Unit is with builtin AC inverter 80-100 watts max, 1watt builtin LED walk light, builtin Charger Controller for Solar Panel max 100 watts,

Voltmeter: With 2 USB Ports, 1 femal DC 12 volts port and 2 RCA 12 volts port.

SOLARREV GA10 is a proudly Filipino Solar Technology made by CALRIGER to help the Filipino people in their renewable energy needs.


Upgraded SOLARREV Model GA 10S



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