CALRIGER TECHNOLOGIES – CCTV Centralized System for City Security, Philippines- Using multiple encrypted DVRs connected to the internet the CALRIGER Centralized CCTV System for City Security can works well to help law enforcement units to enforce the law with efficient security surveillance and monitoring system with wide range that can covers the whole city.

Calriger Technologies for the People CCTV

Provincial, city and municipality governments are now under threat with security challenges and they are all in need of technologies that can provide security to its citizens and commercial establishments and innovations that can ensure peace and order that can lead to the growth of the nation. Various threats are known to men which includes violence caused by drug addicts, assault by gangs, damage to properties through vandalism, theft, kidnap for ransom, and many more crimes committed by lawless elements which our fingers cannot count. We also have problems in road and traffic that undisciplined drivers perform in the street which caused death, injuries and accidents. All these problems must be prevented or stopped.

Societies, communities and governments are now adopting to advanced technologies that can help them enhance their law enforcement capabilities which greatly contributes in developing security platforms, programs that leads to improved public safety and quality of service that the government can provide to the people.

CALRIGER Defense and Security Technologies developed innovative products, systems, platforms and programs with maximum efficiency and reliability that integrates a solar powered CCTV units and creates a centralized monitoring structure that the law enforcers or system users can use to cover the required surveillance range. The CALRIGER Defense and Security Technologies also provides intelligent CCTV Programs which contains user friendly interface that can be accessed only with top security encryption access that can be linked with key security institutions such as police, military, fire and rescue departments and other administrative divisions through secured authorized mobile phones or Laptop Computers connected in the main Centralized CCTV Server. All of these key security and advanced features can help in eradicating crimes, preventing damages from disasters and enhance response rate of rescue and fire departments in emergency situations.

CALRIGER with the main mission to provide Technologies for the People ensures that making this world a better place through right technologies is possible.


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